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Save Time.Using our state of the art scanners from Motorola in conjunction with our cloud based system, you will count more items per person counting than ever before
Save money.Stock takes are expensive. Overtime goes up, loss of revenue and long hours counting. Senior staff has to be on-site for extended periods of time. The cost just keeps adding up. Become more efficient with our system. Less People, less time and save money
Increase accuracy.No capturing, no finger trouble, take the mystery out of counting stock. The scanner identifies the stock item in your ERP system, avoiding confusion at all times. No paper, no spreadsheets, get the right result the first time

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A Few Words About Us

The management team at Count My Stock have years of experience in South Africa's major commercial sectors coupled with an unrivalled knowledge of current leading edge enterprise mobility solutions which integrate into business financial and ERP systems. Count My Stock is a company which represents the merging of technical, operational, accounting and engineering skills, all smelted together to give you, the customer, a world class stock counting solution, that address all the headaches and pains that every company experiences at stock take. We have taken the best from each of the disciplines, and the result is an integrated, cloud solution, that is supported by the latest technology in hand held scanning, mobile computing and cloud based solutions.

Count My Stock is suitable for all businesses who value their inventory counts and accuracy across all major and minor business operating systems. Count My Stock caters for users of SAP right through to Sage Pastel. In each instance augmenting the stock count process, streamlining the operational aspect of the event and increasing the financial accuracy of the results, all the while saving the customer time and money, both in manpower and reduction in onsite shrinkage.
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