How does it work


Data Exported from financial or ERP system

Inventory cut off to be reviewed prior to stock take commencement. Arrange for operations to be halted to cease movement of inventory during count. Prepare stock, take snapshot in your ERP system, and upload the data into our cloud solution. Data can be uploaded into our system via a CSV file if your financial or ERP system is not yet fully integrated into our cloud solution. Follow the online wizard to set up users, locations and any other customisations you wish for the stock count event. Scan the system generated provision code, which will send the prepared data to the scanner and activate the session.


Staff training on Scanners

Staff to be issued with scanners. Scanners can be set to demo mode to assist in staff training. This is an opportune time to see if all staff understand how to use the scanner and to address all relevant questions.


Stock Count commences

Staff to scan stock within assigned areas and in accordance with the stocktake instructions. Counted stock items can be compared real-time to theoretical stock on hand. Once the first count is completed, variances should be investigated. A second count can be activated in the system, when necessary. A final tour of count area should take place at completion of the stock count. This is to ensure that all inventory has been included within the count. Once satisfied that all inventory has been counted, areas can be released for business as usual.


Result finalised and reimported into financial or ERP system

Final review of any further unresolved variances, these can be adjusted by the responsible person through our manual adjustment feature. Once approved, update the inventory count to your ERP system. Complete the stock take process in your ERP system to ensure that all stock adjustments are effected. Generate final inventory report and variance report for month end purposes. Evaluate count procedures and update stocktake instructions where appropriate.


You will need to

  • Appoint one person to manage and control the stock take.
  • Confirmation of stocktake date and time communicated to all stakeholders.
  • Identify staff to participate in the stocktake. Ensuring that sufficient staff are available to supervise the physical inventory count and follow up on any variances.
  • Ensure all applicable staff attend stocktake training. 
  • Break down the whole count area into manageable storage locations. 
  • Allocate storage locations to be counted to individuals or teams of counters, to ensure that a systematic approach is taken, ensuring a complete and accurate count.
  • Ensure all stock to be counted is identified prior to commencement of physical count (inclusive of any stock in transit/consignment stock) and that cut off instructions have been adhered to.
  • Organise stock for efficient counting. Excess storage locations should be noted. Goods that are to be excluded from the count should be marked and located away from all normal inventory.



Count My Stock has been designed to operate efficiently with the Motorola hand held scanners. These scanners are available for hire or purchase from us. All scanners purchased from us carry a no hassle no fuss replacement policy for the first year if the purchaser takes out the cover that is offered by Motorola.

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All our scanners are configured to operate on a Wi-Fi network that we supply in the form of a 3G modem which is placed in the count area. These modems can be hired from us as well.

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The Count My Stock Dx will manage the upload and download of your ERP information to the cloud solution. Once the count has been concluded, the finalised information will be imported back onto your system for stock valuation and stock take finalisation.

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