I have been using Count My Stock since they started. Setup is quick and easy and I have my staff counting on the floor in no time. Owning a retail group with stores in major shopping centres, we can only count after normal trading hours. Currently we count the complete retail store and store rooms between one and a half hours to three hours depending on the size of the store, with extreme accuracy. We have over 20 000 SKU's in the store, and this would be a mammoth task if we did it my hand. All our employees participate in the count and we have semi skilled and skilled staff and they all are able to master the scanning units within a short period of time.

We currently rent the scanners from Count My stock which makes our lives so easy, and will be purchasing our own scanners in the near future.

We would highly recommend Count My Stock to other retailers who want to save money in labour and have a successful and accurate stock count.

Carl Chen, South Africa