There are many small items as well as extremely high value items in our cycle shop. Having engaged with Count My Stock we were met with friendly professionalism. They delivered their scanners that we rented from them on time and through their set up wizard we were up and running in a matter of minutes. Training of the staff was simple and their training mode allowed all my staff to familiarise themselves with the scanner and all the functionality of the device.

Scanning was quick and efficient with the three modes of capturing the barcodes of the merchandise. If staff made an error, the roll back feature allowed them to correct themselves unassisted and continue counting. With some items not in stock, the Create Stock item function on the scanner assisted in getting all items onto the system. The flagging feature was of a great help to identify stock items on the floor that did not correlate with that in our system.

Their reporting functionality and progress reporting is a helpful tool in managing the progress of the count as well as helping management to identify issues in their stock count in real time.

Finalising a stock count has always taken senior management a long time, but with the ability to do a second count as well as make manual adjustments, we had the stock result the same night as the count. – Stephan

Stephan Le Roux, South Africa