As an owner of a stationary shop, we have literally lots of pieces of paper flying around as well as a huge variety of pens, pencils and markers that we stock. Counting stock has always been the bane of my life with the store being closed for a few days, as we work our way through the stock and attempt to get an accurate count. Count My Stock allows me to break my shop floor and store room into various manageable locations, where we can count in a more manageable fashion and also allow us to check our count easier than before.

Scanning helps to eradicate any form of errors that previously occurred when using the pen and paper system and then we would have finger trouble as the data was recaptured into the system. Now you just scan straight into the system, no more errors.

The reporting function is awesome, no more pivot tables in Excel or wandering aimlessly around the store looking to verify stock counts. The system gives you a consolidated and line item view of where your stock was scanned. - Marie Van Wyk

Marie Van Wyk, South Africa